As the hometown owner of Badger State Home Inspection Services LLC, I understand that making the decision to purchase a home is a huge investment of both your time and money.  Often the entire process of searching for just the right home and making sure that everything falls into place at the closing table can be overwhelming.  Therefore, it is extremely important to have dedicated professionals working with you at every step of the way.

Unfortunately, I have all too often heard of preventable stories from new homeowners that decided not to have a home inspection conducted prior to closing.  Problem areas were ignored and conditions quickly deteriorated, forcing new owners to spend thousands of additional dollars repairing damage that was hidden in areas of a home that are seldom inspected.

It’s imperative never to assume that the condition of a home can be truly determined with a quick walk through during a weekend open house.   Don’t risk your hard earned money and limited free time with hidden repairs.  You can trust that as a proud member of the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors, Badger State Home Inspection Services is not afraid to get dirty to provide you with a detailed inspection that encompasses the entire property and all standard operating systems.  We will also inspect all attached structures and garages, landscaping and the overall topography of the property.  Further, we’ll make sure to walk the property with you and provide on-site explanations detailing potential safety hazards to protect your family and point out regular maintenance items that can reduce your out of pocket costs for preventable repairs.

You can relax knowing that your comprehensive inspection report will arrive in your e-mail inbox utilizing our guaranteed same day e-mail delivery.  Further, we make sure that the morning after the property has been inspected, an official copy of your home inspection report will be sent to your front door using priority mail with the United States Postal Service.

Take pride in knowing that the information obtained from a professional home inspection may provide you with additional negotiating power and the comfort of understanding the condition of your new home.

Additionally, the professionals at Badger State Home Inspection Services understand the time sensitive requirements of the home buying process and we make sure to provide our client’s with a quality product while meeting important negotiating deadlines.  As a hometown company, we understand the importance of our reputation in the community and you can count on us to be there for you.  Not just during the inspection or before closing, but well after you have finished putting the last decorating touches on your home.